Four Side Seal Bag (Quadro)

Back-Seal Bag

Stand-Up Pouch (Doypack)

Three Side Seal Bag

Box Pouch

Zipper Slider Bags

Pre-made stand-up Pouches With Kraft Window and Zipper

Pre-Made Stand-Up Pouches with Craft Window and Zipper

We put together the paper with re-closable solutions. This way we have more environment friendly products and also products that make a difference.

We offer bags with paper outside and window or aluminum inside. We can make custom bags with these materials. If the quantities you need are not as big or if you need them really quick, you can choose one of our stock bag sizes.

Now we offer surface print for both paper and plastic bags in our stocks for the little quantities. They are excellent for small quantities, fast deliveries and have reasonable cost structure.

We keep on developing our capabilities on paper + plastic structures. We make paper with shaped window on roll and on pouch.

Very soon we will be offering paper + bio-degradable plastic bags to the market.

If you really need a %100 plastic bag but a paper touch, we offer paper-like surface solutions too.

Please be in touch with us to be up-to-date with all the innovations and progresses we make.


We very well know that packaging is a critical component of the end product. We have a responsive, accountable and experienced team to take good care of your needs.


We follow the trends in the world and develop our solutions accordingly. We customize the solutions for a best fit for you.


We are well aware that market standards are increasing every day and time to deliver is getting shorter. This is the challenge in the market and we work hard to make it happen.



Stock Flat Bottom Pouches and CMYK Surface Print

Just Arrived!!! Stock Flat Bottom Pouches and Pantone colored Surface Print We had launched simple printing on pre-made pouches, doypacks and Flat bottom pouches at the beginning of 2017. Now in 2018, we are introducing process colors cmyk for photographic images as well as pantone colors. We also introduced flat bottom pouches with and without window...

Pastel Coloured Paper Stand up Pouches with Zipper

Custom Made Pastel Colored Paper Doypacks with Zipper Pastel colored Doypacks will give you a distinctive space for your products on the shelves. Please contact us to choose the best color to fit you. You can order special colors in various sizes. Pastel Doypack will work the best for cosmetics, confectionary, dry...

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Aluminum Bags Sticky Bag
Inter Plastik Ambalaj ve Gıda San. Tic. A.Ş.
Leader in Reclosable Packaging

Founded in 1986 started with the production of zipper bags and re-sealable taped bags. From the first day, Inter has always been the pioneer of innovative products for its markets.

Our vision is “A package that conserves its value even after the product within is finished.”

We believe that the package shouldn’t only be a tool to keep the product together until it finds the customer. We want the package to add a value to the product within and we aim that the package will be stored even after the product is finished. This way the right customer will be reminded with the logo and print. The customer will be exposed to the name of the product without being disturbed. Otherwise all the investment made to the package will be trash the moment the good arrives the customer’s house. Zipper on a package will complete the customer loyalty cycle.

Our mission is “We find solutions custom for you where you need a pre-made Package”

We are creating solutions for the special needs of our customers. We offer pouches to be used in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual filling systems. We also give the assistance to other companies to construct systems for running zipper bags.

We have different solutions for various applications, quantities, designs and time frames. We offer our solutions for the market to develop the market, make sure that the end product is not wasted and use the world’s resources in a sustainable perspective.

Our strategy is “to increase our quality and innovations with the collaborations we have from all over the world.”

Inter Plastik is the representative of Zip-Pak Europe, an ITW company in Middle-East and North Africa.

Currently we offer various combinations of Paper, plastic and aluminum for your needs; we can have your custom print on them and turn them into stand up pouches, box pouches, Quad seal bag with side gussets or flat bags with different zipper and slider alternatives.

In 2004 Inter Plastik has introduced the non-woven zipper bag to the market and have the patent for this application. We aim to increase our patent protected products in the future.

Doypacks printed with zipper, Kraft, Aluminium etc


Tevfik Bey Mahallesi Tahsin Tekoglu Caddesi No:34/5
Liva Is Merkezi 34295 Sefakoy - Istanbul / Turkey

Phone:+90 212 250 32 65, +90 212 250 27 79
Fax: +90 212 235 06 17

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.