• Pre-made Pouches for Food


    Dried fruits, spices, legumes, organic foods, bakery products are mostly packed in flexible packs especially in pre-made pouches. We provide our customers solutions to distinguish from their competitors and increase their brand awareness.

    The doypack, quadro and box pouches with zipper or slider helps keeping the freshness even after open and closing many times.

    Box pouches with their flat frontal face helps customers see all the details of the graphics and helps you get quickly noticed. Doypacks are very ergonomic and practical for people of all ages.

  • Pouches with zipper for Coffee - Tea - Beverage Industry


    Packaging is an important issue for the herbal products, tea and coffee and it helps customer loyalty.

    Choosing the right material type helps to protect the aroma / taste of tea, coffee and herbal products. We offer one-way degassing valves to get rid of the gas produced by the coffee inside.

    Depending on the choice of material and shape your products will gain the admiration of your customers on the shelves in a short time.

    You will win the hearts of your customers with our alternative custom designed bags and flavor of your product.

  • Stand-up pouches and Quad seal bags with zipper for Agriculture industry

    Agricultural Industry

    The population in the world is increasing rapidly and meeting the food needs is becoming a problem and the agricultural industry has become the most strategic market. The added value in the agricultural sector, the consumption expenditures and supply of raw materials to other industries have increased the importance of having a raw material base.

    The companies that serve this industry should aim to strengthen the corporate image and attach importance to branding by increasing effective visibility.

    We are able to increase the attractiveness of the product by raising the three side seal bag and doypack types for both seeds and fertilizers, thereby ensuring that the product is in the foreground on the shelves.

    We will introduce you our special bags in which the moisture and UV barrier is added to the material structure.

  • Stand-Up pouches, Quad seal bags with zipper for Pet Food Industry

    Pet Food Industry

    Pet Food Industry continues to develop rapidly in the world and also in our country.

    Company growths will not only be achieved with new markets, but also by projects that will add value to your products and your brand.

    We offer our customers a wide product range including dry food, snacks and cat litter areas in this industry.

    By offering our packs like Doypack, Quadro, Box Pouches, we create products that will make you more valuable and easier to distinguish from your competitors. By working with us you will discover your strengths.

  • Side Gusset Bags for Polymer Indsurty

    Polymer Indsurty

    Polymers are produced by plastic injection of PA6 and PA6.6 and used either in finished or on a part of products such as refrigerators, pipes, auto industry, food packaging.

    Turkey exports 50% of its production directly and indirectly with the addition of automobile, food packaging as an indirect exports of plastic products. So, it is seen that plastic goods industry provides more foreign trade.

    The Quadro, side gusset or back-seal bags in large sizes are provided with non-slip properties to avoid dropouts in pallets during storage and transportation.

    The bags with barrier properties are mostly produced for the polymer industry. In addition to the barrier structure of the material, valves help us to release the air to outside and keep your product dry.

  • Doypack, Three side seals with zipper for Health, Care and Cosmetic Industries

    Health, Care and Cosmetic Industries

    Health, Care and Cosmetics are the most competitive industries and consist of multinational partnerships worldwide. The proportion of flexible packaging in this sector is 10% and increasing day by day.

    The breast-milk storage bags, one of our healthcare products, are for reliable and long-lasting storage. We use very special water-proof zipper on our sterlized bags to prevent any liquid leakage or air transfer.

    We also offer pouches for other cosmetic articles. Aluminium structure will ensure protection against humidty, UV or oxygene; in doypacks three side seal bags.

    Additionally, the printed slider and zipper bags will enable your brand to be visible for longer times with carrying the personal care products in everyday use.

  • Zipper and slider bags for Textile Industry

    Textile Industry

    We mainly produce zipper and slider bags for textile industry.

    Underwear, socks, swimwear, t-shirt and many other similar textile products are currently using value added packaging

    • The bags with hooks and hanging holes provide visual advantages in shop windows.
    • The zipper or slider features help to keep the bag closed during the usage of many times.
    • You can use these bags to keep your daily needs with the advantage of the slider and zipper. It helps your brand name to be alive more longer at the customer.
  • Custom Printed Pouches -Stock Bags

    Stock Bags

    The latest fashion and the most demanding packs are the attractive looking stock bags.

    We have continuous stocks with different material structure and measure alternatives to ensure sales continuity.

    These bags, which can be offered for sale in low quantities, will help you to introduce your products and brands on the market in a short time.

    With our new surface-print technology, we offer you to introduce your brand / design to your customers. We set you free from your troubles of having labels made and putting them on your bags.

    The stock bags also keep the freshness of your product inside with the reclosebility of the zipper.

Three side seal bags are ideal for products sold in hangers or stored laterally.

Three side seals comes with zipper or without zipper. If you want a three side seal bag with zipper, you can have the three side seal bag top sealed (the part with zipper) closed and you will fill the three side seal bag where there is no zipper. In narrow zipper bags it gives the advantage of easy fill for small bags.

  • Registered printing on all two surfaces
  • Flexo or Rotogravure printing upto 10 colors
  • Registered mat laquer
  • Registered paperlike coating
  • Different choices of zippers like sound effects, widths or water tight
  • Slider closure
  • Easy tear and laser scoring
  • Euro or round hanging holes
  • One way degassing valve
  • Different material in the gussets
  • Continuous or shaped window on paper outside bags
  • Different handle options
  • Round corners
  • Different material combinations PET, ALU, PE, CPP, OPP, mattOPP, OPA, KRAFT Paper, metPET,..etc.
  • Anti-Slip Surface option

Three Side Seal BagThree Side Seal BagThree Side Seal BagThree Side Seal BagThree Side Seal Bag